frequently asked questions

We created this FAQ based on the most frequent questions we receive. Our intention is to give you a faster response because we can not always answer all emails right away.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we do ship internationaly! Currently the exchange rate is in your favor. Shipping (board only) To the US and most of europe is R$129. Please get in touch with us via email to get exact shipping quote and more info.

I am travelling to Brazil for a short short period of time. Would I be able to get a board?

There several resellers of our boards in Rio and other cities. They most likely to sell more popular models, usually of a Medium flex. If you want something special or want more information, please contact us via email. Very likely we could work something out.

What are you most poupular models?

Our best sellers are SIM39, N37DT and PIN38.

The SIM39 is a very universall board that is good for carving and pumping.

N37DT is a good beginners board with a shorter wheelbase and enough space on nose / tail for making manouvers. Very good for transportation.

PIN38 is good surfing on the asphalt, provides a more rapid progression to the beginner who wants to do the pumping / cruizing without putting your foot down and still manages to evolve into more radical moves.

If your question is not listed here please contact us by clicking the button below. Thanks for your cooperation!