Bossa Boards designs, develops and manufactures longboard skateboards of high quality and performance. We have been on the market since 2010, offering boards that add the beauty of the bamboo to the robustness and flexibility of composites, resulting in skateboards that provide unforgettable rides.

about us

It all started on a warm Sunday afternoon in Ipanema. The sun was going down and the beach goers where thinning out… But the day was not over yet. Perfect time for a longboard ride along the coast. Inspired by a combination of good things together: music on the headset, flip flops off, riding barefoot on the board pumping downwind and enjoying the whole scenario. Carioca culture and natural atmosphere of Rio de Janeiro, inspired us with through these elements to create boards that make you feel the soul of carioca lifestyle. We came up with a variety of boards that fit all riding styles and offer you a little taste of Rio: Precisely engineered decks, with the natural beauty of bare bamboo and cool swagger from bossa nova.

The boards are made according to the values in which bossa boards believes and stand for - endurance, performance and affordability. Each of our models has been carefully designed and tested to ensure quality, performance and natural beauty for your enjoyment. We combine the precision of industrial manufacturing with the attention and care of handcrafting. Each of our boards is produced and finished individually, one at a time.

why our boards?

The boards are engineered to provide a sense of fluid movement as a result of the combination of the following factors: agility of response, flex pattern, torsional rigidity, lightness and strength. Each of the materials that constitute a bossa board has its own function and has been carefully selected. The concave is responsible for the structural support of the boards and assists in positioning the feet of the rider. The camber is responsible for the spring effect - conversion of energy from the user's weight in motion. It converts the energy of pressing down the board into movement.

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